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6000 LPH Plant

GREEN ECOTEC SOLUTIONS Offers commercial reverse osmosis Units which consists of 8 stages of Water Purification using Multi Sand Media Filter unit, Activated Carbon Filter unit, Water Softening of Anti Scalent Dosing System, 5 Micron Cartridge Filter unit, RO Membrane purification through 0.0001 micron rating Membrane Filtration with High Pressure and Post purification of 1 & 0.2 Micron Cartridge Filtration, UV Sterilization and Ozonation. We are proficient in designing and manufacturing commercial RO systems which are made using premium quality of raw materials


This commercial RO system is excellently made so that they can suit the purpose they are meant for. This commercial RO system is installed in various industries and can easily purify and remove various dissolved impurities.

Our RO systems are designed as per the technical details furnished by the client and provide an enhanced performance as well as possess a long shelf life. This system is incorporates all the components and instrumentation required for operation, as well as the versatility to adapt to specific customer requirements. Water purified using the System is free suspended impurities, Organic impurities, all unwanted salts, Heavy Metals, bacteria and virus, Pesticides etc. etc. (Widely used in for Bore well (Heavy salts) water applications.).


2000 LPH Plant 2500 LPH RO Plant 4000 LPH Plant 5000 LPH Plant
2000 LPH Plant 2500 LPH RO Plant 4000 LPH Plant 5000 LPH Plant

Systems are available in 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, and more capacities with multiple of 250 LPH thereafter. (750/1000/1250…..etc) Available up to 5000 LPH capacity in this range (Systems are available without RO). This is a compact Reverse Osmosis Unit and can be adjusted where we do not have much space on the ground. This unit can handle TDS up to 7000 ppm maximum and will ensure purity by a reduction in TDS to the tune of 99% i.e. 70 ppm – 100 ppm. This comes with Pre Filtration Module and we have options for Post Treatment Like Ozonation or UV Treatment.


3000 LPH

250 LPH RO plant 250 LPH 500 LPH RO Plant 500 LPH
250 LPH RO Plant 250 LPH 500 LPH RO Plant 500 LPH
1000 LPH Classic 1000 LPH MS 1000 LPH 2000 LPH
1000 LPH Classic 1000 LPH MS 1000 LPH 2000 LPH


Dispenser GeEco Sanitizer Dispenser SS Dispenser with RO SS Dispenser
Dispenser GeEco Sanitizer dispenser SS Dispenser With RO SS Dispenser

Sanitizer Dispenser
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Pressure Gauge
Chemical Dosing Pump (2)