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Our company manufacturing, Trading and supplies a wide range of products used for various individual and industrial applications. We provide our assortment under the categories of Water Treatment Machineries & its Spares, High Pressure Pumps, SS pumps, Membranes, All type of Micron Filters, Treatment Chemicals and other requirements. These find application in several industries including areas like Mineral Water, packaged drinking water, textile processing,    chemical   industries,    pharmaceuticals     industries,

heat exchangers, air conditioning systems and many others. Our assortment includes Residential RO Plant, Commercial RO Plant, Heavy Commercial RO Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Water Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plant, Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters, SS/PP Micron Filters, High Pressure Pumps, Membranes, Ozonator, UV Sterilizers, SS Storage Tanks, Bottle Filling Machines, Bottle Blowing Machine and Pouch Filling Machines.

Packaged Drinking Water (Botteled Water) Plant

Mineral Water Plant

Residential & Commercial Water Plants

Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plant

Textile Processing

Chemical Industries

Pharmaceuticals industries

Heat exchangers

Air conditioning systems

Cooling towers

purify water


Mining industry process systems

Steel pre- treatment process systems

Steam boilers 

Warm water systems 

Waste water systems 

Sprinkler systems 

Liquid waste disposal systems 

Food and milk process systems 


Special Features :

Special Features
  • Economical

  • High efficiency

  • Resistant to various bad weather conditions

  • Easy to install

  • Loner serviceability

  • Easy to operate

  • Low maintenance

  • Uses existing water pressures from 10 to 100 PSI

  • Removes of high level Total Dissolved Solids

  • Durable